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Asset Allocation: Your Best Friend For Life

Category: Investments

Those who know where they are going fare better than those who do not.

What does financial goal planning look like?

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how much financial risk you’re willing and able to take.

Retirement Plans for Women Business Owners

Category: Retirement Planning

“You’re an entrepreneur and you’re not looking back. You’ve opened your own business, whether alone or with other partners, and you’ve found some success. You’ve hired employees, or not, depending on your business and now you’re thinking about retirement, not just for you, but also for any employees you may have.”

How Mind Mapping Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Category: Financial Planning

“Once a structured discussion on priorities takes place and clarity around realistic goals has been mapped out, typically a person will feel a great deal of relief through knowing what is manageable and giving guidance to smaller decisions along the way to achieving larger goals over time.”

If You Have Elderly Loved Ones in Your Life We Can Help

Category: Risk Management

The challenges of taking care of our aging seniors can be expensive and emotional, so where do you start?

Is Thinking About College Costs Keeping You Up At Night?

Category: Cash Flow and Debt Management

Work with us to find out how much college will cost, what you’ll need to save, and where to invest so you can put your children on the right path to success.

Take the Stress out of Investing with Dollar Cost Averaging

Category: Investments

“…it’s important to remember that there is a very simple investment strategy that doesn’t require you to stare at trading screens all day – Dollar-Cost-Averaging. It isn’t new and exciting, but many a successful investor has proven its worth.”

Should It Stay or Should It Go? Record Keeping for Your Business

Category: Business Management

“Historically, The 1998 IRS Reform Act shifted the burden of proof from the taxpayer to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in certain situations. Does this mean that you can toss those records that have been taking up space in your office? Hardly. The rules will not apply if you cannot come up with the proper documentation.”

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