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Welcome to Access Financial Planning, an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment management practice in Newburyport, MA, serving clients in the Boston area and across the country.

I help individuals and families achieve their financial goals with a specialized focus on tax efficient financial planning, retirement planning, and goal-based investment management.

I am a fiduciary registered investment advisor, which means I put the client’s interests first 100% of the time. I don’t sell products or receive commissions, ever. I educate my clients on realistic options to reach their goals, implement the client’s choices, and monitor the client’s progress toward their goals while making adjustments along the way.

I take what feels overwhelming and I make it manageable.

Access Financial Planning, LLC is a fee-only financial planning practice founded by Tricia Rosen, CFP®, MBA, EA.

I had always wanted to be a financial planner, but when I first started my career true financial planning wasn’t common. Aggressive product sales were the norm and was called financial planning. I wanted no part of that.

I have seen too many people, including my father, taken advantage of by advisors who put their own revenue goals ahead of what was the morally and appropriate thing to do as a fiduciary. 

Recent technology advances and industry support for comprehensive financial planning services now make it viable to run an independent, fee-only financial planning practice. It was time to launch Access Financial Planning, LLC.

It feels good to finally be able to do the right thing as a fiduciary financial advisor.

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Tricia Rosen, CFP®, MBA, EA

After working for 15 years in investment management and corporate financial management positions in New York City and Boston, I took a career break to raise my three children, including my neurodiverse son. Seeing many people, including my father, get taken advantage of by advisors who didn’t value and prioritize true financial planning led to the founding of Access Financial Planning, LLC.

I use my work experience, B.S. in Psychology from UMass/Amherst, MBA in Finance from Bentley University, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ education from Boston University, specialized tax expertise, along with my deep affinity for empowering women to help my clients get clarity in their goals and confidence in the steps needed to achieve them.

I specialize in tax efficient financial planning, retirement planning, equity compensation planning, and goal-based investment management.

In my free time I love getting outside as much as possible. Lately I’ve been hiking in the mountains of New Hampshire and along the beaches of Cape Ann in Massachusetts with family and friends whenever I can.

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