Comprehensive Financial Planning

Perfect for the client who is ready to get their financial house in order and wants a partner who has the resources and knowledge to keep the process manageable and relevant both in developing an initial plan and in making needed adjustments over time.

What to expect:

Intake Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Identification of client’s current financial situation, goals, and values.
  • Identification of action items and prioritized to-do list.
  • Ongoing collaboration to ensure financial plan developed is relevant, manageable, and comprehensive for client’s situation.

Plan Delivery Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Plan is delivered prior to meeting to enable client review.
  • Delivery of annual goal summary, recommendations, action items, and prioritized to-do list.
  • Delivery of month-by-month breakdown of goals and action items.
  • Topics covered are tailored for each client and will include a review of all the key issues of financial planning, including: investments, cash flow and debt management, tax planning, family risk management, retirement planning, education planning, legacy planning, major life transition planning and special situations planning.

Follow-up Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Check in to get an update on to-do list.
  • Revisions to goals, recommendations, action items, and to-do list if needed.
  • Assistance with implementation of recommendations.
  • Frequency is 30 days after delivery of initial financial plan and then as needed by client’s situation, typically every 6 months.

Ongoing Communication:

  • Unlimited email access.
  • Emails and calls for accountability, guidance, or updates as needed.
  • Unlimited access to educational material produced by Access Financial Planning, LLC
  • Unlimited access to Access Financial Planning’s best-in-class technology such as budgeting, account aggregation, and investment summaries.
  • Prompt communication of macroeconomic events and their potential impact on client’s financial plan.
  • Follow up meetings as needed.


$2,500 to $5,000 one-time up-front fee and $165 to $400 per month depending on the scope and complexity of the client’s situation.

  • Ongoing financial planning services are only available to comprehensive financial planning clients.
  • One-half the total up-front fee is payable at the intake meeting and the remainder is payable at the plan delivery meeting.
  • Monthly fee begins the month following the plan delivery meeting.
  • Ongoing financial planning services may be canceled with 30 days notice.

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