Comprehensive Financial Planning

Perfect for the client who is ready to get their financial house in order and wants a partner who has the resources and knowledge to keep the process manageable and relevant both in developing an initial plan and in making needed adjustments over time.

What to expect:

Introductory Meeting:

  • 30 minute meeting to determine if we are a good fit to work together.
  • Overview of client’s current financial situation, goals, and values.
  • Review of financial planning services and process.
  • Address any questions about services offered.
  • Additional meeting for a demonstration of financial planning process is offered.

On-Boarding Meetings:

  • 60 minute meetings, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Typically one to three meetings to establish base plan for financial planning work.
  • Determination of client’s goals, values, and risk tolerance.
  • Review of recommendations, areas of opportunity and areas of concern.
  • Prioritize next steps.
  • Topics covered are tailored for each client and will include a review of all the key issues of financial planning including: investments, cash flow, tax planning, family risk management, retirement planning, education planning, legacy planning, major life transition planning.
  • Written, detailed outline of meeting discussion and to-do items provided.

Follow-Up Meetings:

  • 60 minute meetings, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Review progress to date.
  • Update the client’s goals.
  • Make revisions to the financial plan, goals, or investment portfolio as needed.
  • Assistance with implementation of recommendations.
  • Prioritze next steps.
  • Model unlimited What-If Scenarios to see the impact on financial plan for potential changes to the plan.
  • Review of recommendations, areas of opportunity and areas of concern.
  • Written, detailed outline of meeting discussion and to-do items provided.

Ongoing Communication:

  • Unlimited emails and calls for accountability, guidance, or updates as needed.
  • Planning meetings scheduled as often as needed.
  • Ongoing correspondence from AFP on relevant financial topics.
  • Unlimited access to client portal, including performance reporting, personal financial reports, and the ability to see the effects of different scenarios on financial plan.
  • Financial accounts are securely linked in the financial planning software which enables continuous updates to financial data and reports.


$6,000 per year flat fee, paid quarterly.

  • Flat fee includes all comprehensive financial planning services.
  • Investment management fees for assets which are directly managed are 0.5% of assets under management and is in addition to the flat financial planning fee. 

Investment Partner

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Services Buckingham Strategic Partners Provides to Access Financial Planning, LLC

– Evidence Based Investment Philosophy

– Investment Research Committee

– Investment Policy Committee

– Portfolio Analysis Technology Tools

– Institutional Fixed Income Trading Desk

– Advanced Planning Team Support – Dedicated subject matter experts to help strategize on complex client situations

– Dedicated client account management support

Asset Class Investing

Buckingham Strategic Partners supports Access Financial Planning with asset class investing for clients. Asset class investing is based on asset classes, or groups of securities with similar risk characteristics, like small company stocks, large company stock, or international bonds. As opposed to index investing, which attempts to replicate the performance of an index, asset class investing attempts to capture the performance of a particular market segment. Asset class investing provides more flexibility for portfolio managers to respond to market conditions and capitalize on factors which impact return while still maintaining the low cost structure and broad diversification of index investing.

What You Can Expect

We will help answer the four investor questions that matter most:

1. Are you working with someone you can trust?

2. Do you have a plan that is right for you?

3. Do you have confidence your portfolio will help you achieve your goals?

4. How do you stay on track?

Buckingham Strategic Partners By The Numbers

– $56 billion in assets under management

– Servicing 140,000+ client accounts

– Clients in all 50 states

– Access Financial Planning clients have access to the resources of a large national investment management firm in combination with the personal service provided by an independent financial advisor.

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