Written by: Tricia Rosen, CFP®, MBA, EA, Principal of Access Financial Planning, LLC

Tax Planning in Plain English

Preparing and filing your income tax returns each year is one thing, but understanding the impact of various decisions on your tax obligation is something most people don’t do. Most tax preparers will complete the current year tax return in isolation based on the documents they receive from you. It is rare to have a tax preparer advise a client on how to manage their financial decisions in order to minimize their tax obligation over time, and even more rare for the client to get advice on how their various financial decisions impact each other.

I have the ability to take a client’s tax return, run it through software to analyze it, and get a report in plain English which can guide financial decisions. I also have the ability to put in scenarios for future years to understand the impact of various financial decisions on tax obligations over time.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so to view a sample tax report for Mickie and Minnie Mouse which shows tax planning in plain English, click on this link:

Mickie Mouse and Minnie Mouse 2023 Tax Report

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