Portfolio Review

 Not sure what’s in your portfolio and if it aligns with your goals? Get a review with a summary of strengths and opportunities for improvement for your unique situation. 


What to expect:

Intake Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Discussion of client’s concerns, current financial situation, goals, and values.
  • Explanation of portfolio review process.

Prep Work:

  • Securely link financial accounts to financial planning software.
  • Risk tolerance determination.
  • Securely upload financial account statements for review if additional information is needed.

Recommendation Delivery Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Delivery of recommendations and action items.
  • Discuss client questions regarding recommendations.


  • Unlimited email access between intake meeting and Recommendation Delivery meeting.
  • Written report with portfolio review analysis and recommendations.


$500 to $1,500 depending on the scope and complexity of the portfolio.

  • Total fee will be determined and agreed upon at the intake meeting.
  • One half the total fee is payable at the beginning of the review and the remainder is payable at the recommendation delivery meeting.
  • Total fee will be credited toward the comprehensive financial planning fee if client contracts with AFP for comprehensive financial planning services within 90 days of recommendation delivery meeting.

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