Equity Compensation Planning

Ideal for clients who have Restricted Stock Units or Stock Options as part of their employee compensation package.

Equity compensation planning is offered in conjunction with a comprehensive financial plan.

What to expect:

Intake Meetings:

  • Two or three 60 minute meetings, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Identification of client’s current financial situation, goals, and values.
  • Identification of client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, income needs, and any other special circumstances.

Plan Delivery Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Plan is delivered prior to meeting to enable client review.
  • Identification of action items and prioritized to-do list.
  • Explanation of investment recommendations required to meet client’s goals.

Follow-up Meeting:

  • 60 minute meeting, virtual or in-person if local.
  • Check-in to get update on to-do list
  • Minor revisions to recommendations, action items, and to-do list if needed.
  • Equity compensation educational workshops available upon request.

Ongoing Communication:

  • Unlimited email access between intake meeting and follow-up meeting.
  • Unlimited access to educational material provided by Access Financial Planning, LLC
  • Unlimited access to client portal, including budgeting tool and ability to see effects of different scenarios on financial plan.


$6,000 annual flat fee, payable quarterly.

  • Fee includes comprehensive financial planning services.
  • Investment management fees are charged only on assets which are directly managed and have investment management fee capped at .5% of assets under management.

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